2018 Season of Generosity

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This year, we’ve invited our congregation to participate in a Season of Generosity with the theme, “All that God has is ours!” In worship we’ve been sharing stories that reflect God’s generosity toward us as human beings, and our belief that God calls us to be generous as God has been generous. Part of our response to God is participating in and helping to build the Kingdom of God in El Dorado as it is in heaven. If we believe that all things belong to God, and that “all that God has is ours,” then we can trust that every resource of heaven is available to us to transform the world.

The time has come to invite you to join us in this endeavor of building the Kingdom of God in El Dorado through the congregation of First Presbyterian Church. Enclosed is our annual FPC pledge form, and we’re asking every member or member-family to complete a pledge form and return it to the church office or bring it with you to worship on Sunday, November 5th for our pledge dedication.

It is our hope that you will grow your participation, in financial giving and in participation with us, becoming real stakeholders in the transformation of the world—worshiping with us, praying with us, studying with us, working alongside of us, praying FOR us—as we seek to build the Kingdom of God in El Dorado. And we are praying that you will see and recognize God’s generosity in your own life and want to respond by being invested with us and in us as the work and witness of your congregation.

In a few weeks we will begin a new Christian, liturgical and spiritual, year. As the seasons of thanksgiving and glad tidings come upon us, we are busy marshalling our resources, preparing to answer the world’s claims with the promises of God’s love in Jesus Christ—God’s word made flesh. We believe the work of God is also enfleshed in our giving, where we turn our resources into acts of generosity, kindness, and love in all kinds of likenesses—from word and sacrament to mission, from songs of praise to helping those in need, from gathering the saints, to sending forth the hope of forgiveness and freedom.

We do this because we believe generosity begets generosity—not just financially but our whole selves. We believe what we have to offer includes our whole selves, our money, our hearts, our hands, our lives. God is generous in providing for what we need, and we believe we are called to be generous toward God’s work in the world and in our lives.

Please join us as stakeholders in God’s kingdom, invested in the work and witness of God’s love.

Your Season of Generosity TEAM,
Mike Landers
Laura Allen
Maryann Melton
John Lowery
Rev. David Stipp-Bethune

Pledge Form